Duvin Design Co.

You have to expand your horizon and broaden your abilities to keep fresh in the ever changing world of photography... so from time to time (weekdays between weddings) I like to get in the studio and practice new techniques.  The dudes over at Duvin Design Co. have launched their newest summer collection and really up'ed their hat game!  So we worked on some new lighting techniques and shot the entire collection for their website.  Summer is here!!  

For you tech people, the lighting set up was pretty simple:

-beauty dish overhead (key light)

-two 2x4' strip lights at 45degress rim lighting the shoulders

-64" parabolic umbrella directly behind me (to fill in the shadows)

-single strobe with high-output reflector overhead aimed at the white backdrop

So make sure to check out the boys over at Duvin Design Co. for some fresh threads!  And yes... I am jealous of Andrew's abs... dude's a machine!

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