Islamorada Destination Wedding at The Postcard Inn :: Jennifer & Mark

Family, it's what ties our world together and keeps us fighting for a better life... it's what also brings clients and I together!  You see, last year I had the pleasure of photographing Lindsey & Luke's Wedding right here in Islamorada, and with Jennifer and Lindsey being such close friends... keeping traditions alive was one of the deciding factors as to why have their amazing wedding down in the Keys (actually, scratch traditions... this place is freaking beautiful so who wouldn't want to get married on the white sands down here huh?!).

For so many reasons, destination weddings are my all time favorite... aside from being allowed the luxury of traveling to an exotic location... when your family comes from all over the country and is all staying in the same resort, it not only makes logistics easier, but the mood everyone is feeling is something that words cannot describe.  Feelings that I truly believe make these images so darn special.

A big thank you to The Postcard Inn in Islamorada for housing everyone and providing such a great ceremony and reception location.

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