2014 :: A Year In Review

It's safe to say that 2014 has been a turning point in my life, both personally and professionally... my babe and I moved into a super sweet loft together, sunny skies are on the horizon and I finally took my photography to full-time status! 

There have been moments of pure bliss and periods of sheer terror involved in opening your own business and completely relying on yourself alone to keep the proverbial boat afloat.

I honestly could not have done it without the trust and overall brilliance put forth by every single person who was willing to get in front of my camera.  Without trying to get overly emotional or to sappy here, I will end this with a deep and sincere love for everyone I have had the pleasure of getting to know whether it be during your wedding day, engagement session or just messing around in the studio. 

Without all of you... this, my life, would not be possible and I would not be in such an amazing place. 

Cheers.  Best wishes.  Congratulations.  And THANK YOU!!

Chris Glenn1 Comment