Ultimately you should be hiring me for my eye, my taste and my aesthetic value instead of "hey this guys fits into our budget".

There is a lot I want to do for you.  I want to find the subtle humor in interactions between old friends.  I want to be so incognito you forget I'm there... better yet I morph into a guest who happens to take great photos.  I want to show perspective from a collection of viewpoints.  I want to freeze a thousand honest moments just as perfectly as they occurred.  I want you to see the stories that unfold in every single image.


Bet you a hundred bucks that by the end of the evening, you both hug me more than once.

portrait sessions begin @ $500

Elopement adventures begin @ $1900

wedding collections begin @ $3600


What you are looking for is unique and I guarantee we can find the perfect fit... to request a full pricing guide, shoot over to my "Lets Talk" page and say hey.


why Photograph weddings?

To be 100% honest, I turned down my very first request (multiple times)... the image in my head of a wedding photographer was one of a sweaty mess, barking orders at people just trying to get their party on, way too much gear, generally a person you want to distance yourself from.  After a little bit of coercing, I said yes and dove straight in... a hundred miles an hour.  I soon realized that being an intimate part of so many amazing weekends is a feeling unlike anything I've experienced.  To be tied into someones family, if only for a short time, shinning a brief light into their past, present and soon-to-be future is a privilege I do not take lightly.  We've only met a few months prior and now I'm witnessing you getting married, with an almost "backstage pass" to document the day.  I mean holy shit, that's a responsibility I never want to let go.

What's your method behind the images you create?

The following will be great... coming soon...

we've heard of this "first look" thing... can you explain?

The following will be great... coming soon...

who is your perfect couple?

The following will be great... coming soon...


How do we lock you in for our date?

The following will be great... coming soon...


We're having our festivities in an odd spot... can you get there?

The following will be great... coming soon...


is the business side of your outfit legit?

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